Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are people finally starting to agree with me?

Damn....theyre just rolling over to the Fire Bowden Camp...at least somebody else can hold the torch now, my arm was getting tired.

Trouble in Tigertown....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Is Dabo Swinney ready?

Well Ron Morris at the State says it best, as he usually does Tigers write their eulogy

While Larry Williams in Charleston gives another spot-on review here

And RF365 says so...

And so does Heather Dinich...SEE ITS OBVIOUS TO THE WOMEN.

What put the first nails in the coffin was Plyler, an optimist, calling for Bowden to be fired and Dabo promoted to Head Coach.

I'm not for promoting Dabo to HC. I have legitimate questions about his ability to run the whole team.

The Good: Dabo is a dynamic recruiter. He pulls in all kinds of talent for us, along with Napier, and Saban was dying to get Dabo (a Bama grad) back to Alabama the past offseason. He's done fairly well coaching our WRs here.

The Bad: I'm not impressed with Kelly's ability to catch, and Rendrick Taylor is a travesty in terms of waste of talent. We bring in a David Boston-type player and he never does anything, and gets injured on every other play. Grisham is tough. Jacoby is brittle.

The question: Is Dabo proven? He doesnt call our plays, so we have no logical reason to assume he can run a whole team. He doesnt even run one half of the team. Danny Ford was 30 when he was promoted to HC, and he wasnt the OC under Pell. Dabo is 40 and they say he has what it takes.

It worked out for us then, what about now?

I believe he will, but like West, he might not be quite ready for this job, even as interim. 10 years from now its likely I'll regret that statement, because he definitely will be a good coach somewhere eventually. But for now, Clemson needs either a great assistant, like Will Muschamp at Texas (former Auburn DC and LSU DC under Saban, and a UGA graduate) or Steve Sarkesian (USC OC, former 49er OC), or a proven head coach from the 1-AA or 1-A level like Jim Leavitt or Pat Hill.

Any coach we get will need to have a reputation for developing physical and mean football teams, thats all I care about at this point.

Now I'm just throwing names around, there are points against any of these guys, but I think you get the drift.

Koenning is the only one with some HC experience. I dont want him to inherit the job permanently, but right now I'd die if they promoted Spence. If the administration fired Bowden tomorrow (which they wont, because they dont care about winning games) and hired Dabo, I wouldnt be upset or surprised as they tend to like him, but logically I see no reason why Dabo should get the job.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maryland Game Review

-I hate purple jerseys.

-First drive: JD runs all over em, take JD out. Get to the redzone, dont give to JD once. ONE FUCKING TIME BOWDEN! Harper looks at Grisham, doesnt check down, throws it away.

-Do everything right...muff a punt. Great job by the D to hold to a FG.

-Throw it to Kelly, he fucking stands there and watches it as its recovered by MD. D holds them to a FG again.

-I scream at the TV for Tom to give it to JD up the middle. Result: 1st down, then 38yd TD run up the middle the next play. GIVE HIM THE DAMN BALL.

-Maryland cant catch easy passes.

-Kelly is running bad routes.

-Clemson had over 200yds rushing at the 5:00 mark in the 2nd Q. I bet Bowden doesn't get 300. 225 at halftime.

-INT before the half was a bad throw, but a good call. Worked like a punt anyway.

2nd Half

-Whole defense bit on the Reverse, and they made the blocks. Hamlin ran him down from behind to make the tackle, then a safety fell in coverage in the endzone to get the TD.

-Screen to Kelly on 3rd and 23 at midfield? Genius Spence. I realize there is no play for 3rd & 23, but a 2 yard pass play wont get it.

-3rd quarter, we stop running the ball entirely. Great halftime adjustment Spence! Average 10 yards a clip in the 1st half and dont even try in the 3rd quarter. We actually lose 15 yards in the 3rd.

-Tom manages to fuck up a 17-6 lead. Why am I not surprised?

I really fucking hate you Tom Bowden.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tiger Baseball Recruiting Class Ranked #9

Another good class by Coach Leggett, but you see losing Tim Corbin was a big one.

Rank Team Recruits
1. Arizona St. 20
2. Oregon 35
3. Vanderbilt 13
4. Arkansas 16
5. Georgia 15
6. UCLA 8
7. Miami, Fla. 13
8. Florida St. 13
9. Clemson 12
10. Fresno St. 23

11. Texas 12
12. Oregon St. 13
13. South Carolina 14
14. Cal. St. Fullerton 19
15. Wichita St. 11
16. Southern California 15
17. Rice 14
18. Florida 12
19. Kentucky 10
20. Louisiana St. 10

21. N.C. State 14
22. U.C. Irvine 12
23. Southern Miss. 16
24. Virginia 11
25. Mississippi 13

I just want to know how Oregon got 35 players? They have to turn half of those guys away.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bowden Press Conference 9/23

"We've always put our best players on special teams coverage."

WTF? I'm not taking that one out of context either, he's talking about before his ST Coord. came on staff.

On Cullen:"He's ahead of last year on a couple things, behind on TD's, ahead in INTs, so it depends on what you want. I'd say 1.5 of his INTs are his fault."

Why can't Cullen hit simple medium-range routes?

"We're running the ball better. Thats why we have less TD's passing."

WTF? Yeah against El Cid, SC State...and we cant get WORSE than what we did in Atlanta.

"We're 3-1 after 4 games with 3 freshmen starters on OL, I'll evaluate toughness after a couple more games. I bet the last time this happened (1943) they werent 3-1."

We werent worth a shit with 5 upperclassmen on OL last year. Richardson? waste of talent, Brad never developed...Lambert? why was he rated so highly in HS? Brad wont turn him into anything. Anybody remember Akil Smith?, same story as Barry Richardson. Bowden finally brings in 300lb linemen, (compared to the 225lb linemen he brought in his first few years and had to sit 3 years to bulk up before starting) and cant develop them either.

Light a fire under their fat asses and if they dont get pissed off enough to play, dont play them. They'll get tough or quit.

"I get paid to take the heat."

Yeah, overpaid.

"I thought we were focused last year before FSU, and we were. I thought we were focused before Alabama, and we werent, so we'll see (for Maryland)."

And before UGA and Wake a few years ago, and before Texas Tech....and before Kentucky...and VT last year...

I'd tell you to figure out how to tell better, but you havent for the last 10 years, so why bother.

"I havent heard alot of booing this year. I got off the field at Alabama pretty quick. I havent heard alot of fan discontent."


Fear the Turtle!

Its Friedgen! Taken from Block-C

Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

SC State Review

-JD scored! I cant believe it! But then why go with CJ the next drive? Just keep feeding it to JD til he gets tired.

-Harper's pick was deflected, people need to learn how to catch. It was 3rd and long though, after the botched snap on Wild Hog to JD, so it worked like a punt.

-Then we moved right down the field again, and Cullen throws one right at the DL in man coverage.

-Bowden put JD in the game at the goal line? Say it aint so! JD has 85 yards after one quarter and should get 40 carries today....but Tam aint that smart.

-After the first half, the Defense is playing fairly well and giving up no yards on the ground and forcing turnovers, but Cullen is shaky as hell.

2nd half

-Why is JD not getting the football? Dammit Bowden. You cant leave your two best RBs in long enough for them to get 100 yards each? No reward.

-Cullen plays like shit and cant hit a pass, 15-24, 150 yds? Why did we take him out in the 3rd for Korn? Cullen needs the practice right now, put Korn in after we're up 60.

In the postgame Bowden says they chart touches from the skill players and the "ebb and flow" of the game dictates the touches....lying through his damned teeth. If they charted touches then they know JD doesnt get the ball enough well into the game, and not giving it to him would prove he's an idiot.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dumb shit on TNet.

Alas, TNet has found themselves yet another correspondent who is a "sunshine pumper." For once I'd like to see Crump bring in someone who is as critical of Bowden as most of the fan base is becoming.

The wins over the past couple weeks have not turned TNet into a lovefest as others have, people are starting to wise up to this shit.


I'll pull some exceptions I have out of this....

"The following two weeks after Alabama has provided two wins, but no solace for a fan base that can’t seem to latch on to the side of the slippery mountain. A portion of the fan base has not enjoyed much of anything in the season thus far because they can’t seem to allow themselves to have hope. It is as if they have seen this movie before and they know the ending. It’s hard to blame them, as we have all been down this road before. But it is becoming almost comical how quickly and easily people are giving up. "

Yeah its a slippery mountain, covered in cowshit. I used to have hope, but the inability to deliver in down this road in 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007...kinda saps any left to give. If the same things happen every single year, you have to look at whomever has been here every single year, and that person is Tom. I want it fixed now, you want to give him an extension and pray he figures it out before we all die.

"There was nothing in Bostic’s comments that I could find fault with or disagree with. Then again, I’m not sure what value comments like his make two games into the season. I think Bostic over-stepped his bounds much like the crazed, nameless Internet junkies have done. "

Well Fat Brad and Bowden had a year to prepare, so evidently they ain't calling out the OL. What I see him saying here is that Bostic has no right to call out the OL because he's not "pumping sunshine."

"Maybe Bostic is some covert coach for the offensive line, trying to motivate the guys to play better and play with a meaner streak. Clemson’s freshman offensive lineman did step up, opening enough holes for the Tiger offense to grind out 166 yards rushing at almost 6 yards per run against a decent Wolfpack defense. And, in case you were wondering, the offensive line did not give up a sack either. "

Maybe...just maybe, because its NC STATE. With CJ and JD, we should put 200 yds on everybody but FSU this year.

"But that has become the norm for Clemson football and those that follow it with a passion. At the first signs of trouble, tons of folks begin to jump off the ship. In some corners, this season has already been thrown away. Not, necessarily, because of what has happened on the field. But because of this gnawing feeling of what will happen. "

See 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007...I'm already off the Bowden Boat, but we're all on the Clemson Boat.

We havent thrown the season away, we can still win the division. I have no confidence Tom wont choke in the ACCCG, and I still hope TDP wises up and fires him, or Barker fires them both.

As one of my friends says, Tom Bowden=Jim Donnan. He'll get us to the hump, but never over it.

If we cant win the ACC now, while Miami and FSU are down, we're NEVER going to win it consistently.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tammy's press conference 9/16

Some interpretations on Tam's Press Conference today.

Q: Are your coaches involved in your message to the team?

A: “Yes. We discuss things in the staff meetings. Anytime there are things you have to address, there’s a protocol. There are certain things you do at practice to make sure they are getting it.”

"We’re going out full pads, and there’ll be a lot of contact today," Bowden said during his weekly media briefing. "If somebody gets hurt, they get hurt. We’ve got to get better.

"We’ll make them feel that sense of urgency."

Clearly you dont do things to make them tough in practice Tom, they arent "getting it." Judging by this teams performance against Alabama, why the hell would it take until now to communicate this message? Then Bowden went on to say that he didnt show the Bostic article to his team....shouldve, might have woken their wimpy asses up.

Q: What needs to improve on your team?

A: “We have some tackling issues. N.C. State only had three points. If we take away their touchdown on defense, we would have won 27-3. That’s better than last year (won by 22 in 2007). "

And blocking issues, and QB play issues, and blocking issues, and pass defense issues, and did I mention blocking issues?

And the offensive performance between last year and this year is very different Tom. I dont care how bad you beat them, you shouldve put 40+ on NC State again this year.

Q: South Carolina State’s quarterback Malcolm Long.

A: “He’s a big guy. He’s a guy you can’t arm tackle. He has a really good arm and has thrown a lot. He threw in high school and in passing camps. He’s very accurate.”

Ask Willy Korn about Long, Gaffney ran all over Byrnes' ass twice with Long at QB.

Q: How did this game (SC State) come about?

A: “When I originally came here, my intentions were that if we were going to play a Division I-AA school, it would be an in-state school. That way we could keep the money in the state. The administration really did all the negotiating. They have a great tradition and history along with some pro guys. They have three former players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

WHAT? Why in the hell would you schedule 1-AA teams on purpose? Who gives a shit if they have people in the HOF?

Q: C.J. Spiller’s improvement this season.

A: “He reminds me more of his freshman year as opposed to his sophomore year. When you come in as a high-profile freshman, you have to earn everything you get. There has been a noticeable sense of urgency his freshman year and this year. He has worked hard all three years. It looks like he’s a little hungrier this year. He’s averaging eight yards per carry.”

Best statement Tom made today, CJ is running hard.

But what about the lack of carries for James Davis? Like Reggie and TZach and Spoon and Chad Jasmin, we dont give carries to Sr. RBs at Clemson. Hell JD shouldve went pro.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

NC State review

-Ron Cherry should learn how to call a horse collar for both teams.

-4 Offensive players want to win this game: Grisham, Ford, Spiller, Kelly.

-When you run the ball all the way down the field, it makes perfect sense to stop and throw the ball 3 times, then kick a FG, right?

-When you're at 3rd and 2, and have CJ Spiller and James Davis in the backfield, its a perfect time to call a Quick Slant, right?

-The last drive of the game was the best drive of the game.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bostic calls out current wimpy OL

Joe Bostic, former OL who along with his brother are two of the best offensive linemen we've ever put into the NFL, calls out the sorry OL we currently have in the Greenville News.

"I'm pretty passionate about the school and our tradition in football," said Bostic, 51, "and yes, I made the trip to Atlanta to watch what Alabama did to our team.
"It was about the worst performance I have ever seen from an offensive line in all my life," he said. "I can't imagine, I literally can't get the image in my head of an offensive line playing worse than ours did that night. Alabama lined up in three-point stances and blew our offensive line apart; we just looked like a bunch of softies out there."
He said he read coach Tommy Bowden's comments about holding top players out of contact drills leading up to the Alabama game and found that approach contrary to what he knew when he played at Clemson.
"Let me say I respect Tommy Bowden," Bostic said. "I think he's a good man. I think he does things the right way and he wants to do right by those kids he brings in.
"Maybe I'm just an old man who has seen the world pass him by," he said, "but I'm not seeing the toughness, the intensity, the saltiness I expect to see in our offensive line.
"This might be something people don't want to hear, but it's the way I learned how to play football, and that is toughness is something you build, something you grow into as a football team.
"You don't show up for a game and say, 'I think this will be a tough game, I'll be a tough player today," Bostic said. "Toughness shows up in football teams every week, every game, every practice. You don't turn it on and off; you develop it over time."

And his best comment...

"I understand winning seven, eight and nine games isn't bad," he said, "but I'm tired of being good but not being real good, of being good one week and bad the next week. Tough teams aren't inconsistent like that, and I wish we could get back to that tradition."

I want to see TNet jump on this guy. They're always set to call anyone who calls out the football team a Coot, so lets see you call out one of our greats.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good post on TNet.

In 2000 after starting 8-0, Bowden showed the people that we can be a great team. Did this carry over to 2001?


In 2003 after "the finish", people proclaimed Bowden had turned the corner. Did this carry over to 2004?


In 2006 after starting 7-1 and winning on Gameday big, people claimed we had turned the corner. Did we?


In the offseason between 2007-08 people and pundits said "this is the year Bowden 'turns the corner'" Have we started this season that way?


So how can you rationalize that even if we go 11-1 this year, that this success will carry over to 09, and '10, and forward?

You can't.

We've "waited and seen" too many times. I really hope this is the year, and I really hope we do actually turn the freaking corner. But how are we going to measure that? Do we have to wait till halfway through '09 to prove '08 wasn't a fluke (assuming we do well this year)?

Clemson under Bowden

There are clearly two camps in the whole Bowden issue. There are the haters and the blind loyalists. Personally, I doubt the blind loyalists were a glimmer in anybody's eye during the '80s, most probably grew up in the Tommy West era, but thats a separate issue.

Pragmatically, lets just state that extremists on either side are blinded by strong emotion, I think we can all agree on this fact. Next, lets look at the good and bad things done here under Bowden.

Lets credit him where its due. I think we'll also all agree Tom is a good guy. He goes to church every weekend; he won't curse; he even tries to get them to go to church with him, and we all took his side when the ACLU (liberal sissies) tried to stir up a stink about it. Even cockfan didn't grumble much about that one. With all the players they've had arrested in 5 points lately, I can't see why they would.

Unfortunately Christian values don't translate to X's and O's; God doesn't pick the winner folks.

But it does help in other ways. He runs a clean program, with the exception of that Gaffneygate mess that was really blown out of proportion by cockfans. His players graduate, they tend to get into less trouble than other schools (see sakerlina, FSU), and we can say that this program is in a better place than in '98 when West was fired.

Tommy's saving grace is his great ability to recruit. He's hired assistants who are great at it too, some of which I'd hate to see let go. He now has the facilities that he bitched about for the first 4 years here. The blame for that particular issue can be laid at the feet of our great and beloved Bobby Robinson.

Do we give him a pass on the recruiting his first few years because of that? He didnt seem to have trouble after 2000, in fact it was one of his better classes. Yes we lost Roscoe and Zimmerman, but the rest didnt perform as they shouldve, at least not as well as they were ranked.

So lets look at the last couple years, if you say facilities were everything.

Clemson finished the 2006 season 8-5. The Tigers were a perfect 5-0 versus teams that finished the season with a losing/non-winning record. They were also 3-5 (38%) against winning teams. (We also need to acknowledge that this season saw a "roller coaster" ride that included starting 7-1, then losing 4 out of 5.)

Clemson finished 2007 with a final 9-4 record. Closer inspection reveals that the Tigers were again 5-0 vs the losing teams, and only 4-4 against the winners (and one of those wins came against 1-AA Furman). That's a 50% clip against "decent" competition, and that's only if you count Furman (43% without them).

What does that mean?

That means that we are 10-0 versus losing teams, which seems to add validity to the notion that we "beat the teams we are supposed to beat". It also means that we are only 7-9 (44%) against the better teams on our schedules.

Hello? dont you want to beat the ones who are worth a damn too? Some of those we were one play or call away from winning. Some we got our ass handed to us on a silver platter.

Tommy is a good man, who has built a solid program. For that, he should be commended and credited. On the field, we are currently seeing a winning percentage against good teams that is somewhere around 41%-44% (depending on if you count Alabama). That is mediocre performance, and should not be acceptable at Clemson. Maybe at Sakerlina but not here. I am not a "hater" for thinking this way, but merely someone who has taken time to evaluate the situation, and break down the numbers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gem from Tom.

"Theres a reason some teams separate. 60 teams lose every week, and everybody ends up with a loss. From a team standpoint, we've washed it (Bama) out and gone on. First conference game is comin' up."

Great Tom, we'll see.

Monday, September 8, 2008

This defense.....is not good.

We gave up 338yds passing and 89 rushing to Citadel for a total of 427 yards. We also lost the Possession time 33 to 26min. Yes I know we gave up 140 of that in the 4th with the 2nd string, but our 2nd and 3rd strings shouldnt give up 140 to Citadel.

We gave up 419yds of total offense to Alabama, who put half of that (172) up against Tulane, at home. We lost possession time 41 - 18.

Does possession time really mean anything? By itself no, but its a telling statistic. If your D is on the field all the time, you wont put up numbers on offense and you'll give up tons of yardage...remember Citadel missed 2 FGs too.

The LBs arent charging the line and arent getting off blocks when they do, mostly because they are playing too high. The secondary cant do a damn thing.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New coaches and AP poll

USA Today
1. Southern California (34) 1-0 1,481 1
2. Georgia (18) 2-0 1,454 2
3. Oklahoma (3) 2-0 1,370 4
4. Florida (3) 2-0 1,306 5
5. Ohio State (1) 2-0 1,289 3
6. Missouri 2-0 1,212 7
7. LSU (2) 1-0 1,198 6
8. Texas 2-0 1,069 9
9. Auburn 2-0 1,017 10
10. Wisconsin 2-0 946 11
11. Kansas 2-0 854 12
12. Texas Tech 2-0 755 13
13. Arizona State 2-0 737 14
14. Oregon 2-0 665 16
15. Brigham Young 2-0 628 15
16. Alabama 2-0 611 17
17. Penn State 2-0 547 19
18. South Florida 2-0 475 18
19. Wake Forest 2-0 419 20
20. East Carolina 2-0 375 NR
21. Fresno State 1-0 300 21
22. Utah 2-0 235 23
23. Clemson 1-1 175 22
24. West Virginia 1-1 145 8
25. California 2-0 128 NR

What moron put us at 23? We dont deserve to sniff the Top 25 yet.

WHY the hell is ECU at #20? They beat a #8 team at home and VT on the road, we cant even do that. This poll is horseshit. If that was Clemson at 20 after the same thing, we'd be Top 10, or TNet idiots would complain a whole month that the pollsters hate Clemson.

AP Top 25
1 Southern Cal (33) 1-0 1577 1
2 Georgia (23) 2-0 1525 2
3 Oklahoma (2) 2-0 1458 4
4 Florida (4) 2-0 1438 5
5 Ohio St. (1) 2-0 1347 3
6 Missouri (1) 2-0 1336 6
7 LSU (1) 1-0 1231 7
8 Texas 2-0 1100 10
9 Auburn 2-0 1067 9
10 Wisconsin 2-0 910 11
11 Alabama 2-0 865 13
12 Texas Tech 2-0 845 12
13 Kansas 2-0 825 14
14 East Carolina 2-0 762 NR
15 Arizona St. 2-0 744 15
16 Oregon 2-0 616 18
17 Penn St. 2-0 607 19
18 BYU 2-0 537 15
19 South Florida 2-0 493 17
20 Wake Forest 2-0 404 20
21 Fresno St. 1-0 290 21
22 Utah 2-0 258 22
23 California 2-0 195 NR
24 Illinois 1-1 164 24
25 West Virginia 1-1 163 8

Thank G-d the AP watches a few football games at least.

A Clemson fans journey with Tom Bowden

I at least hoped we would squeak by this time because our talent was SO far ahead of Bama's two-deep.

I came to Clemson when Bowden did. I remember Tony Lazzara's sorry ass kicking and missing FG's against Marshall....g-d forbid we throw somebody out there after he missed the first 2. It was the first and only game I watched entirely from the Hill. I distinctly remember two girls standing beside me, laughing at me because I was cussing Bowden for continuing to throw Lazzara out and some of his play calls...."You've been exactly right all day," they said. We lost that game 13-10. He wouldve only had to make one of the several he missed...

Still though, we showed up ready to play at VT and stayed in it til the late 3rd Q, so I was encouraged. Bowden Bowl I was the toughest loss I remember ever going through, but still I was hopeful things would be great someday. It was, you remember, arguably the toughest schedule in the country that year.

I came into 2000 hopeful, and wasnt disappointed. We played like shit against Duke defensively, but the offense was so good that the score didnt show it. Most of it was against the 2nd team D, and Bowden dressed them down for it in press conferences thereafter.

They were forboding omens though, as our D barely held NC State the next week, and was spotty against UNC. I knew we were in for a fight against GT, and it was one....the 2nd toughest loss I've had to go through. We were #4 and I was still wide-eyed and optimisitic, seeing things thru orange-colored glasses, and hoped I'd see a National Title. I sat there at my seat for a half-hour staring into space after that catch. Then we got slammed by FSU, which I predicted after that GT game, and throttled by VT. The Catch II happened right in front of me, I was on the 2nd row from the bottom that cold day, and I covered my eyes for Hunt's FG to win. We shouldve put 30 points on them that day, but its a rivalry and shit like that happens.

The Gator loss was rough, but I was still encouraged by the 9-3 record, and thought we'd do the same the next year.

We came in ranked preseason, overhyped with "Woody for Heisman" everywhere...and looked bad against UCF. I thought, "ok, we'll recover". Then Reggie's defense blew up for 4 straight weeks late in games, and though we lost to a couple good teams, we gave up tons of yards each time we played. We came in with essentially the same starters from 2000 and finished 7-5. No question, we shouldve never let Rich Rod go. Woody was up and down all year. Many of us thought Willie Simmons would take over and throw for 300 yd/game the next year.

I believe you should give a coach 4 years, so though the orange colored glasses were gone, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for one more year. The opening UGA loss was tough, but we did look good against a team that went 13-1. But I beleived that the loss to UGA took the wind out of their sails early, and they couldnt recover. Had we won that game, it wouldve been a different year, I still believe....despite the way NC State raped us on Thursday night. I was so sick to my stomach that I left early in the 4th Quarter, still the only time that ever happened.

Then came Texas Tech. I started to want Bowden to go. A 7-6 record.

But we were hyped again the next year, with "Charlie for Heisman" posts all over TNet by those unrealistic idiots, and got our balls chopped off and handed to us 30-0 by UGA at home. After that I was done with him. You dont get a whole year to prepare and come out and look like that. We looked like ass against Furman for most of the game, and lost to Maryland when we shouldnt have. Then came WF. I was ready to hang him, literally.

Remember the infamous lip quiver?

Then came FSU, Duke, 63-17, and UT, and an extension I wasnt 100% on. At the very least, the buyouts shouldnt have been as big. But I knew, everytime he had gotten my hopes up before, he'd blown it. I wasnt going to get excited about 2004, but I couldnt help it.

The GT loss in '04 i could take, but the way we played against A&M was unforgivable, they werent even any good. A shitty loss to UVA. Then came another loss to Puke, even after the win at the Orange bowl AT NIGHT that I was extremely proud of at the time. At this point I had given up entirely, no hope. The fight was started by Holtz' boys, and they egged it on the whole game. The fact that it actually happened can be blamed on the Refs for letting shit go all day without throwing flags. 6-5, and I was glad we didnt go bowling because we didnt deserve it.

In 2005, the Miami game was a tough loss, which like the UGA game from 2002, I thought took the wind out of our sails. Then he lost to a 4-7 WF team again, you guys wouldnt fire him because he pulled an 8-4 year from his ass.

2006: An awful loss to VT, get outcoached by Spurrier, and a loss to Kentucky, and you guys wouldnt fire him. I predicted the loss to VT ahead of time, because I knew that team hadnt proved they could throw the ball to win, and the "Proctor is the greatest QB we've had since Rodney" posts on TNet were making me sick. Still, the offense stayed at home, even at run blocking. The Fightin Spurriers...well, all I need to say is "reggie." A month to prepare for UK....wasted.

Nope, cant fire him now can we? After another one of those games where the team just didnt show up at all.

2007: Another bad loss to VT, choked against BC (again) and gets another extension for "almost." Lets not give the ball to Davis against Auburn on the goal line, ok? It makes more sense to give it to CJ, doesnt it? its like "reggie" all over again.

And now we come in preseason overhyped again, and dont even bring the 'A' team to Atlanta. We brought a High School team, and not even a good one.


Now I'm sure he'll right the ship, win 9 games, and beat SC because they are our bitches. He'll get another extension for "almost."

Bowden didnt fail us, Clemson fans did.

New blog

So here I am, not new to blogging, but I needed an outlet to vent on sports. If you are a TNet bandwagoner, stay the fuck out. I'm going to post things here that you wont like, and I tell it like it is. If you cant hear things like "Danny Ford is the best coach...ever" or "Tammy sucks" you wont like me.

If you want a straight evaluation of Clemson football from someone who doesnt wear orange-colored glasses anymore, you might like some opinions here.

Oh, and since we're in the south, and all watch SEC too, I'll blog about them too.